Anonymous asked:

In the future would you ever have sex with a black guy. I see you as becoming addicted to BBC someday. Idk why. It's in your face, maybe?







I don’t find black guys attractive. I have never. I know who I like, I plan on even marrying them. Why would I have sex with someone who is not one of my own? 

You would have interracial sex to create the most beautiful children in the world. That’s what being a mix does to you.

That’s your opinion, not a fact. 


Technically, you can’t have proof that something’s sexy or beautiful. It’s purely opinionated. But styles and beauty usually follow a trend.

"Each face was then rated for their perceived attractiveness to others on a scale of one to 10 by 40 female students."

Ah, only 40 female liberal college students find mixed race women and men attractive. Well, there you go.

Amazing what passes for research. The “study” was done by a SJW professor, who has published repeatedly on things like bias and mixed races relationship. And get this: the 20 (not 40, as the link states) raters were all psychology students!! So he recruited students from his own department to do his ridiculous experiment. It gets worse - the pictures the students rated were not even randomly pulled, but selected by two of his research assistants - who you can bet are also dedicated SJWs. All in all, the study was a joke and the publication was literally all of 3-pages and a stick figure. Yet it was presented as legitimate research by a newspaper. Unbelievable.